Episode 4:

Tune in to this episode to discover the intersection of education, research, and real-world application at Iowa State University, and how Dr. Beck and his team are leading the way in ecological studies and conservation.

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Episode 3: Howe its’ done: unraveling environmental secrets for a better future

Destination Biotech, Episode 3

Howe it’s done: unraveling environmental secrets for a better future

Guest: Dr. Adina Howe and Nicole Geerdes

Dr. Adina Howe’s research is a groundbreaking blend of molecular and computational biology, focused on unraveling the complexities of microbial systems in both natural and engineered settings. Her work explores various key areas, including the identification of microbes that drive biogeochemical cycles and their responses to climate change, understanding the roles of microbial genes and populations in ecosystem functions, and detecting biomarkers for environmental health like antibiotics and pathogens.

Much of her research also involves managing vast sequencing datasets through cutting-edge computational methods, utilizing high-throughput sequencing techniques to examine microbial community interactions, and advocating for sustainable practices in scientific data and software management.

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What’s Wrong in Waterville?

In this curriculum, elementary students are both empowered and challenged to encounter a phenomenon, construct an explanation, and design a solution. Students work with a team of water quality scientists to investigate the issue of the fish population in the pond by Franny’s Farm.

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Summer 2023 RET/REU Deliverable Booklet

Produced during the 2023 summer Research Experience for Teachers (RET) and Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at Iowa State University, this booklet showcases the participants’ learning and includes personal stories, ideas for student engagement, and professional goals related to their work during the academic year.

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Episode 1: What’s the buzz about bioethics?

Clark Wolf discusses how his research in bioethics helps us process many of today’s most intriguing issues. Conversation topics include: gene editing, genetically modified organisms, and sharing and communicating research findings. Dr. Wolf shares a particularly buzz-worthy project about genetically modified mosquitos, too!

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Authentic Science Podcast Episodes

Want to learn more about how the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices look in real research labs? Sit back and enjoy four episodes of the Authentic Science podcast featuring Abby Schaefer as we discuss each of the SEPs and her journey as a female-identifying STEM researcher.

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Authentic Science: Crosscutting Concepts

A magazine-style publication that explores the Next Generation Science Standards Science and Engineering Practices (SEPs) through the work of Dr. Michelle Soupir, featuring insights from Abby Schaefer. Both researchers discuss how the practices and scientific habits of mind impact their research in water quality.

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