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Destination Biotech, Episode 4

The Dam journey: beavers, wetlands, and the path to Iowa state

Guest: Dr. Billy Beck, Iowa State University

Dr. Billy Beck is an Assistant Professor and Extension Forestry Specialist at Iowa State University, with a focus on water resources and forest health. Holding a Ph.D. in Forestry from a prestigious institution, Dr. Beck has dedicated his career to the study of aquatic ecosystems and the impact of beaver dams on wetland environments. His research not only contributes to the scientific community but also plays a crucial role in informing sustainable land management practices. Dr. Beck’s journey to Iowa State University has been driven by a deep passion for environmental conservation and education, making him a pivotal figure in the study of natural water management systems.

Through his work with students like Angel Brown, Dr. Beck is shaping the next generation of environmental scientists, ensuring a continued focus on the vital intersection between human activity and natural ecosystems.

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Time Required

Approximately 50 minutes (the podcast is 25 minutes, plus classroom activities)

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