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Destination Biotech, Episode 3

Howe it’s done: unraveling environmental secrets for a better future

Guest: Dr. Adina Howe and Nicole Geerdes

Dr. Adina Howe’s research is a groundbreaking blend of molecular and computational biology, focused on unraveling the complexities of microbial systems in both natural and engineered settings. Her work explores various key areas, including the identification of microbes that drive biogeochemical cycles and their responses to climate change, understanding the roles of microbial genes and populations in ecosystem functions, and detecting biomarkers for environmental health like antibiotics and pathogens.

Much of her research also involves managing vast sequencing datasets through cutting-edge computational methods, utilizing high-throughput sequencing techniques to examine microbial community interactions, and advocating for sustainable practices in scientific data and software management.

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Approximately 45 minutes (the podcast is 20 minutes, plus the activity)

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