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Destination Biotech Podcast

A New Journey Every Month

Join Eric and Matt for an exciting and informational conversation each month as we host BOEC’s new podcast:  DESTINATION BIOTECH.  

Iowa State University (ISU) faculty share highlights from their work, causing your students to wonder and imagine alongside ISU’s most talented researchers.

All episodes are available in both video and audio-only formats with transcripts, student-facing resources, and teacher notes. Click on the podcast thumbnails below to begin your journey with DESTINATION BIOTECH.

dr. clark wolf

director of bioethics

episode 1
september 2023

Clark Wolf discusses how his research in bioethics helps us process many of today’s most intriguing issues. Conversation topics include gene editing, genetically modified organisms, and sharing and communicating research findings. Dr. Wolf shares a particularly buzz-worthy project about genetically modified mosquitos, too!

dr. michelle soupir

Associate Professor,
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

episode 2
October 2023

Michelle Soupir discusses her journey as an engineer and scientist interested in learning about and improving many facets of water quality.  She outlines some basic tenets of water quality science, and she delves into her favorite edge-of-field practice:  woodchip bioreactors!

dr. adina howe

Associate Professor,
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

episode 3
November 2023

Join Dr. Adina Howe and first-year graduate student Nicole Gerdes for an exciting look into their adventures in water and environmental quality! Dive into their latest research projects, uncover how their dynamic lab team tackles environmental mysteries, and get the inside scoop on their ground-breaking discoveries about manure runoff. This isn’t just science – it’s a journey into the heart of our planet’s health. Ready to be part of the action?