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Destination Biotech, Episode 2

Finding the Soupir-ior Solution

Guest:  Dr. Michelle Soupir, Iowa State University

Dr. Soupir’s research program focuses on sustainable water systems with an emphasis on nonpoint source pollution control, watershed management, and water quality monitoring. Her research projects encompass multiple scales to answer basic and applied research questions regarding the occurrence, fate and transport of pathogens, pathogen indicators, nutrients and contaminants of emerging environmental concern (CoEECs) such as antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to surface and groundwater systems. 

Her work is focused on the impacts of agricultural practices, primarily application of manure, on water quality. Through unique environmental monitoring, she works to design conservation practices to mitigate the impact of agricultural nonpoint source pollution on downstream waters, and reduce public exposure to these contaminants.

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Approximately 60 minutes (the podcast is 20 minutes, plus classroom activities)

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