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Woodchip Bioreactors

A full set of instructional materials created in collaboration with Iowa State University researcher, Dr. Michelle Soupir. Students investigate woodchip bioreactors as an emerging technology designed to improve the health of our waterways by denitrifying surface water. Students engage with two hands-on investigations while focusing on the importance of using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Science and Engineering Practices to make sense of various phenomenon.

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*This version of the DNA Fingerprinting instructions includes direct connections with the Woodchip Bioreactor curriculum and storyline.  It is written specifically for use with miniPCR Bio’s blueGel (TM) electrophoresis system.  For additional information contact Biotech Outreach.

Time Required

Approximately 8-9 days, but they need not be consecutive

Related Resources

We offer a woodchip bioreactor station activity mini-kit, which allows students to investigate bioreactor effectiveness data without doing a “wet” lab. Teaching notes can be found here.  Mini-kit lending requests can be made here.

Learn how Dr. Soupir and her lab use the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices in their research in our Authentic Science magazine.

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